Vampire Facial

Seoul MedSpa is proud to offer the vampire facial to our most discerning clients. Made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, this form of restorative facial involves drawing blood to repair the skin by eliminating lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of acne scars, and boosting the production of healing collagen to revitalize your skin for a natural, healthy glow.

The Vampire Facial

This unique skin care treatment utilizes microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to repair and refresh damaged skin.
Microneedling is a procedure that makes microscopic punctures in the surface of the skin to trigger an increase in collagen production. Platelet-Rich Plasma is sourced from your own blood to give your skin’s natural healing properties a much-needed boost.


Combining these two highly effective treatments together promotes revitalizing effects for the skin to leave you looking and feeling younger. But there are many other benefits to having a vampire facial performed by one of our technicians at Seoul MedSpa. These include improved circulation, reduced cellulite, and eliminating sunspots and other similar imperfections in the skin.
Best of all, the vampire facial process can drastically reduce the impacts of aging on your appearance.

How Vampire Facials are Performed

This two-step procedure involves the application of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma to the face.
A small vial of your blood will be drawn by our technician and placed into a centrifuge, where the plasma is separated from the blood. That plasma contains all of those nourishing platelets to stimulate your skin’s healing capabilities for a healthy new look and results you can see almost immediately. Once the platelet-rich plasma has been sourced, it is quickly applied to the skin.
The microneedling portion of the service is then performed using a special tool equipped with tiny needles to break the surface of the skin as a means for stimulating your body’s natural collagen production.

Does it Hurt?

Vampire facials don’t hurt, although we naturally understand if some of our clients are afraid of needles. You may feel a small prick of the skin and a little pressure when your blood is drawn, but you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort from the microneedling device. Of course, no two clients are alike so we take every precaution to ensure that all of our clients have a pleasant, pain-free experience when receiving a vampire facial.

That’s because we first apply a numbing cream to the face ahead of the microneedling portion of the treatment. Once that cream has taken effect and the skin is suitably numb, only then will the vampire facial proceed. If you still feel any discomfort during treatment, alert the technician and more of the cream can be applied to ensure there is no pain.

Side Effects of Vampire Facials

The first thing you’ll notice after your vampire facial session is a pinkish hue to your skin. That is entirely normal as the skin cells are regenerating and collagen production is increased. Aside from some slight redness in the skin, you may also notice some bruising, and perhaps some itching in the days after you receive your vampire facial treatment.

How Long is a Vampire Facial Treatment Session?

Expect to dedicate approximately two hours to your vampire facial treatment. During this time, you will have an initial consultation before your blood is drawn and the numbing cream is applied to the face in anticipation of the microneedling procedure.

The Results from a Vampire Facial

The results are long-lasting, giving you a younger look for up to 18 months. We recommend that you follow our guidelines for post-treatment care in order to preserve the renewed look and feel of your skin. Reduce your exposure to the sun and nourish the skin regularly to maintain that dewy glow.

How Much Does the Vampire Facial Treatment Cost?

Since no two clients are alike, it’s difficult to determine the cost of treatment until you have spoken to one of our technicians and discussed your skin challenges. It’s important to consider the various factors in planning a vampire facial treatment regimen and the number of sessions needed to reach your particular goals for rejuvenating the skin and achieving a younger, more vibrant appearance.