Thermage FLX Treatment


THERMAGE FLX is a radio-frequency-based therapy that is non-invasive and helps in reducing skin aging by tightening and smoothening the skin areas. It is effective in reducing the wrinkles around the eyes, chin, and face and tightening the areas around the stomach. The overall effect of the procedure is to give you a younger look and make you feel more confident.

THERMAGE-FLX is the latest forerunner of state-of-the-art technology which is giving exceptional results in tightening skin areas. This invention has led to a solution that is much faster than all its preceding methods and has minimal side effects. Due to enhancement in the system configuration, a cooling effect is provided in the treatment to the patient which it easier to bear and more comfortable. 

The technology is based on radio frequency to provide heat to the deep layers of collagen tissue of the skin. 

The tip of the device provides a cooling effect to the patient making it comfortable to bear the heat. The collagen tissue contraction takes place and with continued treatment new collagen tissue regenerates in the skin leading to younger and smoother skin.

Approved Areas for Application of Thermage FLX

Eye Area
Abdomen / Stomach
Under the Chin
Around the Mouth