The human body does wonders when it comes to healing itself. Regenerative medicine is a field that harnesses the potential of human cells for self-repair. PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma therapy. Plasma refers to the liquid part of the blood and platelets are the cells of the blood that help in blood clotting or in other words stop causing the blood to coagulate to help with the process of healing.


PRP Injections: What are they?

PRP Injections are made by drawing blood from the patient and putting it into a medical device for separating out only the platelets from the blood sample and fusing them with the plasma. The injection is given at the region where there is an injury with or without ultrasound supervision. The addition of more platelets to the region of the wound leads to faster healing.


Tendon injuries

Ligament injuries

Jaw or plastic surgeries


PRP Male Shot (P-Shot)

What is P-Shot?

P-Shot is a form of PRP injection which is used for several sexual male-related problems such as erectile dysfunction, improving sexual performance, and penis enlargement to name a few. P-Shot is a small non-invasive procedure that is quick and can be performed easily.


Procedure of P-Shot

Patient Blood taken

1 Tablespoon is preserved 

Placing Blood into a centrifuge

Separation of stem cells and platelets from the sample

Apply local anesthetic creams at areas of application

Inject the areas of penis associated with sexual response


How P-Shots helps you?

Benefits of P-Shot?

Stimulated Healing

Extended Erection

Enriched Sensation and Pleasure

Heightened Sexual Performance

Augmented Growth of New Blood Vessels for Enhanced Circulation

P-Shot: Before and After

The benefits of P-Male Shot are multi-dimensional, and it is a path-breaking treatment that boosts men’s self-confidence because of its amazing benefits. It helps with enhanced sexual pleasure by improving erectile problems. After taking the P-Shot, there is an improvement in the size and girth of the patient’s penis providing more sexual pleasures.

Cost of P-Shot

The standard price of the P-Shot is about $1,800-$2,400, However, the actual price varies on the basis of the specific needs of the patient. Most of insurance companies do not cover the procedure as it is a cosmetic elective procedure.
Nonetheless, the p shot provider Beverly Hill CA provides a price-efficient solution for male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction as it is much less costly than any surgery for the problem. Also, surgery may lead to side effects such as a permanent scar or bleeding.