O-Shot Garden Grove

Women struggling with a reduced sex drive, painful intercourse due to a decrease in natural lubrication, an inability to reach orgasm, and problems with urinary incontinence now have a solution. The O-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the growth of rejuvenated vaginal tissue to eliminate these and other sexual dysfunction issues.

What is an O-Shot and How Does it Work?

The O-Shot is an injection of your own platelet-rich plasma into the vagina and clitoris. One of our technicians will draw a small amount of your blood and place the vial into a centrifuge which separates the plasma from the blood. Once the plasma is sourced and prepared, it is ready to be injected.

These growth factors are ideal for regenerating healthy tissue and increase blood flow to the genitals. The new healthy tissue has been shown to provide stronger orgasms, an increase in the production of natural lubrication, and quicker, more energizing sexual arousal after treatment.

The key to this regeneration is the platelet-rich plasma, which draws stem cells to the tissue that has received the injection of growth factors, triggering a reaction that results in new healthy tissue. Best of all, this platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood so there’s little concern for infection.

The Benefits of an O-Shot

After just one treatment, women can expect bigger and more vibrant orgasmic response during sex. An increase in arousal and production of natural lubrication. The O-shot can also address urinary incontinence issues and restore sensitivity to the vagina. Each client’s results and the time in which those results are noticeable may vary based on age, medical history, hormonal patterns, and other determining factors. We caution all of our clients not to expect instant results, though some may see a significant difference in a short period of time.

Does It Hurt?

We take every effort to make the O-Shot as painless as possible. We do that by applying a numbing agent to the injection site. You may feel a small pinch or some light pressure during the injection, but it’s very quick. After receiving the injection, there is no recovery time or recommended change in your routine. You can go about your business and move on with your day right after the procedure is complete.

How Long is the O-Shot Procedure?

A visit to Seoul MedSpa for an O-Shot will take less than an hour. This includes drawing the blood, separating the plasma in a centrifuge, numbing the injection site, and administering the shot. Since there is no recovery time, the O-Shot is one of the most effective non-surgical solutions for solving sexual dysfunction, sensitivity, and urinary incontinence.

Side Effects of the O-Shot

There are very few reported side effects to the O-Shot with the most extreme being some slight redness at the injection site, swelling, and a minimal loss of feeling in the area that may last for as little as 24 hours to as much as one week after the injection.

Multiple Treatments

Some of our clients seek out additional O-Shot treatments after the initial injection. The time between those treatments should be 8-10 weeks and those additional treatments can bring about even more effective results. We suggest that 8-10 week waiting period between shots to ensure you receive the full benefit of each treatment.